Marc and LeAnne Kieffer have both been residents of Charlotte for over twenty years. Marc came from Atlanta in 1995, with a restaurant and business background. LeAnne came from Eastern Tennessee in 1997, with a degree in Interior Design. Both have worked in various businesses over the years, with LeAnne now owning her own design firm, Halcyon Hive, and Marc working for the Nichols Company commercial real estate group, specializing in working with restaurants and bars.

About a year and a half ago, Marc discovered the quickly growing west end of town while working with a client to help them find a location to move their business. In the process, he ran across the old service station at 2753 Rozzelles Ferry Road. He told his wife about it, and how it make a great neighborhood restaurant, across from the Greenway Business Park, and the rapidly growing neighborhoods of Smallwood and Biddleville. He couldn’t quit thinking about the spot and finally decided, along with his family, to give it a go.

Of course, naming the place proved to be quite a challenge. Everyone had their own opinion, and hundreds of ideas were discussed. The Kieffer’s children, Rhys and Elloree, wanted to name it “Louie’s”, after their much loved rescue puppy. He’s what you call a Jack-A-Bea-Dash-O-Dach (Jack Russell, Beagle, Dachshund mix). Marc and LeAnne joked that they should name it Toucans, after a favorite book of their kids called “Toucan, Toucant”, about what two people can accomplish when they work together. A few friends thought them crazy, and we would show them that “Toucan” make it happen. LeAnne suggested Toucan Louie’s, and the name stuck.

The Kieffer’s are excited to offer a fun, colorful, welcoming place with great food and drinks, focused on local and hand made items, and maybe a touch of the exotic. We are excited to see you soon!